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  • 10/15/2020 8:12:18 AM

Name: A Curious Corvid

Description: What was once scrub habitat was converted into orange groves and is currently being turned into a housing development, but one family of Florida Scrub-Jays still live here and even seem to be thriving in this area. They're as curious about us as we are about them it seems. This adult perches inquisitively, perhaps wondering if I have any peanuts to spare.

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  • Location:

      Grassy Lake & Citrus Grove Roads, Minneola, Florida

  • Date Taken:

      6/9/2019 12:00:00 AM

  • Photographer Name:

      Rebecca Smith

  • Camera Specifications:

      Panasonic DC-GX9 LEICA DG 100-400/F4.0-6.3, f/6.3, 400mm, iso 400, 1/640, no flash

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