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  • 12/31/2019 5:51:04 PM

Name: The prize

Description: Whether poised at a river bend or cruising the coastline with slow, deep wingbeats, the Great Blue Heron is a majestic sight. They may move slowly, but can strike like lightning to grab a fish. He was clenching an armored catfish of the Pleco, variety which I had never seen before. The fish struggled vigorously in the bird's beak, its spiny fins fully extended but at the end the bird won!

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  • Location:

      Circle B Bar Reserve, Lakeland FL

  • Date Taken:

      12/24/2019 12:00:00 AM

  • Photographer Name:

      Gamze Quick

  • Camera Specifications:

      Nikon D7500 - Nikon 200-400mm f4

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